Games Galore 55: Holy Zion!

No script, no guests, just non-stop talk about bets and ballgames. Holy Zion Williamson! My goodness, is that guy a monster or what? Brian hits on the pimpslap Duke handed out to BBN — could the Blue Devils be as nasty in hoops as ‘Bama is in football this year? Here come my Falcons! They’ve won three in a row, added Bruce Irvin to the roster and Deion Jones started practicing today. The Gators? Um, let’s just say B.E. is ready for some Kyle Trask. (UPDATE: Wait! Trask suffered a season-ending injury at practice y’day?!) SHIT! Games Galore 55 has got you covered for picks, injuries and more in hoops, pigskin and a little UFC convo.

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