Fomer LSU AD Joe Alleva grants rare interview, furthering his D-Bag Hall of Fame candidacy

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Published on Friday, 1/10/20, at 5:46 p.m. ET.

You remember Joe Alleva, right? I mean, how could you not?

Alleva was the Duke AD during the lacrosse scandal in 2006. You remember when the lacrosse players were falsely accused of rape by a female stripper, Crystal Mangum, who had a major history of mental illness.

Well, if you’re too young or just don’t recall, here’s a quick recap: Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong was trying to get re-elected, so he attempted to earn voters from the black community by going “all in” on prosecuting these white lacrosse players for false allegations of rape and kidnapping.

In the end, Nifong admitted to all sorts of wrongdoing in the case and was disbarred and jailed. However, before Mangum and Nifong’s lies were exposed, three Duke lacrosse players — Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty, and David Evans — spent nine months worried that they were going to be wrongfully sent to prison for decades.

Instead of supporting the innocent lacrosse players, Alleva forced the resignation of 16-year head coach Mike Pressler, who had taken the Blue Devils to 10 NCAA Tournaments and the national championship game in 2005, and cancelled the team’s season.

Alleva eventually went to LSU, where he hired Will Wade, who has the school in trouble with an ongoing NCAA investigation (although he somehow still remains head coach?!). He was about to fire Les Miles after the 2015 regular-season finale, only to get TOLD by other LSU administrators and boosters at halftime that they were vetoing his decision.

Alleva indeed pulled the trigger on ‘The Hat’s pink slip four games into the 2016 campaign (after Miles unfathomably made 4-5 clock-management mistakes on the final drive that ended with LSU scoring on the final play of the game, only for replay reviews to show the Tigers didn’t get the play off by one second when at least 10 seconds could’ve been saved with better clock management during the drive). Ohhhh, THE HAT!

Anyway, during the 2015 and ’16 seasons, Alleva was courting both FSU’s Jimbo Fisher and Houston’s Tom Herman to be the next coach at LSU. Meanwhile, he gave Ed Orgeron the interim head-coaching job after firing Miles.

Now that Orgeron and the Tigers are killing it and Alleva is living in Sarasota, FL., after being forced into retirement by the school (14 months before his contract ended), this flippin’ D-BAG granted an interview with The Advocate this week and is trying to take credit for the football program’s success.

Folks, sometimes you can’t even make this stuff up.

Ok, here are some quote gems from Alleva (that contain several COMPLETE LIES just like Tim Brando said on Thursday’s edition of the Paul Finebaum Show!) to The Advocate below. Enjoy!

On Will Wade:I got some bad recommendations on that guy,” Alleva said, though he did not elaborate. “My perception on why I’m not the athletic director there is because some people used the situation with Wade.”

Really? Then why the hell did you hire him?

On Fisher: “I still have a lot of friends in the ACC,” Alleva said. “I talked to them, and after that I didn’t want any part of Jimbo. I would never have hired Jimbo. He was never on my radar. Now, fans and some people in the department wanted him, but I never wanted him.

“I could have made a change (at the end of the 2015 season). I recommended not to. Because I would have been forced to hire Jimbo. I would rather have had Les. But if I didn’t hire him, the outcry would have been ridiculous. So we had that meeting during the (Texas A&M) game, and I made the recommendation to keep (Miles).”

Analysis: We doubt this clown has a lot of friends anywhere, certainly not in the ACC.

On Herman:He would have come. I didn’t want to pay him what it would have taken. But I think we could have gotten him.”

On Miles: “Think of the players Les Miles squandered and didn’t utilize properly. Talking to Les was like talking to a wall.

To be clear, we aren’t going to disagree with any of those comments about ‘The Hat.’

On Orgeron: “I’d seen the changes he’d made in the program. The passion he put in.

“The program was stale. He re-energized the program. The kids adapted to him quickly. I asked some of the players about him and they loved him. I loved the way he changed the culture of the team. I was pretty much sold on him.

“When Ed and I talked about the job, never once did we talk about salary. His agent would never talk salary. Other guys, all they wanted to talk about was their pay. Ed wanted the job so bad he would have taken it for nothing.”

And hey, if it wasn’t Friday and if I wasn’t starving for my first Budweiser(zzzz) since last Saturday night, I’d go into the false narrative Alleva crated about the Gators and the hurricane several years ago, but we’ll just have to get back to that on another day. Have a good weekend!

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