Games Galore 47: It’s Time!

Games Galore 47 arrives just in time for tonight’s college football action. Brian Edwards breaks down tonight’s card, tomorrow’s action and hits on Saturday’s key contests. Jerry Petuck of Radio Influence is in for Harbo today to produce and co-host. Brian and Jerry both get after Oscar Meyer in the wake of that despicable debacle of a presser in Columbus last Wednesday. We had ended last week’s show just minutes before that Shit Show started. Jerry and Brian also discuss Jameis Winston and how important this season is for his future in Tampa Bay. Also, the trade for Teddy Bridgewater to be the heir apparent to Drew Brees in New Orleans. Michigan at Notre Dame? Brian has a lean but hasn’t pulled the trigger on a play. He explains why he’s on UMass catching a big number at Boston College. All that and much more on Games Galore 47! If you listen and enjoy, feel free to spread the word for us and make sure to subscribe, rate and all that good stuff. Bets and Ballgames all weekend long (and Budweisers) – it’s time, folks!

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