G-Galore 34: It’s March! Madness + UFC chat with GambLou

Games Galore 34 gets off to a running start with Brian hitting on some of today’s afternoon action and his 5-0 sweep of last night’s college hoops card. He goes in on Mark Fox briefly and a few other issues like Arizona vs. ESPN. Maybe Sean Miller is innocent?! Our featured guest is GambLou, one of the world’s premier UFC experts, especially as it relates to gambling. G-Lou shares plenty of UFC 222 opinions and we touch on some future fights and the Jon Jones saga.

Then after the GambLou segment, B.E. runs solo down the stretch by hitting on subjects like the Gators, Nebrasketball, Michigan, Joe Lunardi’s latest and a detailed breakdown of how UGA’s Mark Fox fumbled the ball for his team and his tenure at Stegeman Coliseum last night. After a brief hiatus, the Games Galore pod is back up in your program tonight! Enjoy.

P.S.: If you aren’t into the UFC, simply listen to the opening segment and then fast forward to my final segment (1Hour, 2 Minutes) wrapping things up.
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