G-Galore 24 – SEC Coaching Searches

With Florida and Tennessee looking for new coaches, Brian calls in our UT guru Tony Basilio (joins us at the 15-minute mark) to discuss everything going on with the Volunteers. Also, SECCountry.com’s Christopher Smith makes his fourth career GG appearance (a G-Galore record, btw, starting at the 1-hour, 8-minute mark), and he’s poised to deal out winners yet again. The Silly Season is here and many SEC jobs are in play. We discuss it all, in addition to lots of bets and ballgames. Kick back, pop a Budweiser and get your Games Galore program on!

Highlights from Tony Basilio:

–Tony B joins the show at the 15-minute mark. Follow his blog & twitter feed for all things #Vols!

–Chip Kelly is a “football eunuch” (how good is that?!).

–Doesn’t think Gruden will end up at Tennessee.

–Thinks Jimbo Fisher stays at FSU.

–Thinks UF will hire Kelly and as a UT fan, wants that to happen.

–Hears Chris Petersen doesn’t like competing with the Seahawks in Seattle. (If true, what a score of a hire he could be for any SEC team!)

–Thinks Mike Gundy is growing the mullet just to piss T-Boone Pickens off. (AWESOME!)

–Willie Taggart is “a fish out of water” at Oregon.

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