Updated Games of the Year – Week 7

WVU looks undervalued in multiple spots in the latest Games of the Year lines at 5Dimes. Justin Crawford and the Mountaineers could easily be unbeaten right now and are definitely the best two-loss team in college football.

Published on Friday, 10/13/17, at 11:45 a.m. Eastern.

After checking out the latest Games of the Year numbers, make sure to give a listen to the Games Galore 19 podcast with featured guest Joe Fortenbaugh. Also, you don’t want to miss out on my Week 7 winners!

Here are the updated spreads for Games of the Year at 5Dimes.eu:

Houston -5.5 vs. Memphis
FSU -4.5 vs. Louisville
USC -3 at Notre Dame
Washington St. -14 vs. Colorado
Penn St. -6.5 vs. Michigan **I like PSU here.**
Oklahoma -10.5 at Kansas St.
Oklahoma St. -4.5 at Texas
Auburn -16.5 at Arkansas
Alabama -35 vs. Tennessee
Stanford -19.5 at Oregon St.
Oklahoma St. -4.5 at West Virginia
Ohio St. -7 vs. Penn St.
Washington -18.5 vs. UCLA
Georgia -12.5 vs. Florida
Miami -18.5 at North Carolina
Texas -14 at Baylor
Kansas St. -22.5 at Kansas
USC -16.5 at Arizona St.
Utah -6.5 vs. UCLA
Penn St. -10.5 at Michigan St.
TCU -8.5 vs. Texas
Oklahoma -2.5 at Oklahoma St.
Air Force -4.5 vs. Army
Alabama -22.5 vs. LSU
Miami -7 vs. Va. Tech
Clemson -10.5 at N.C. St.
Ohio St. -17.5 at Iowa
Washington St. -3 vs. Stanford **like Wazzu here**
Arizona St. -2.5 vs. Colorado
Auburn -15.5 at Texas A&M **like A&M here**
Pitt -4.5 vs. UNC
Washington -6 vs. Stanford
Clemson -14.5 vs. FSU
Miami -6 vs. Notre Dame
Kansas St. -3 vs. WVU
Ga. Tech -1.5 vs. Va. Tech
Oklahoma -6.5 vs. TCU
Ohio St. -20.5 vs. Michigan St.
USC -14.5 at Colorado
Utah -1.5 vs. Washington St.
Auburn -4 vs. UGA
WVU -1.5 vs. Texas **like WVU here**
USC -16.5 vs. UCLA
Washington -14 vs. Utah
Wisconsin -5.5 vs. Michigan **like Wisconsin here**
LSU -7 at Tennessee
Mississippi St. -9.5 vs. Ole Miss **like MSU here**
Nebraska -1 vs. Iowa
Miami -16.5 at Pitt
Arkansas -10.5 vs. Missouri
FSU -4 at Florida
UGA -7 at Ga. Tech
Louisville -6.5 at Kentucky
Ohio St. -6.5 at Michigan
Wisconsin -11.5 at Minnesota
Stanford -4 vs. Notre Dame
UNLV -6.5 at Nevada
Arizona St. -3.5 vs. Arizona
Utah -9.5 vs. Colorado
Washington -11.5 vs. Washington St.
Alabama -9.5 at Auburn
LSU -10 vs. Texas A&M
N.C. St. -17.5 vs. UNC
Oklahoma -15.5 vs. WVU **LOVE WVU here!**
Purdue -3 vs. Indiana
Clemson -19.5 at South Carolina **like S-Carolina here**

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