Games Galore 12 – Top 25 + UF convo with Chris Harry

Brian’s preseason Top 25 rankings are here. In the opening segment, B.E. touches on his rankings, a potential Upset Alert spot for Gus Ragland and Miami (OH.) in non-con play and the aftermath of UFC 214. In the second segment, long-time Florida beat writer Chris Harry joins us (at the 40-minute mark) to discuss all things Gators. And finally, B.E. wraps things up with some SEC East convo, some win totals he likes (such as the ‘overs’ for Oklahoma St., Washington St. and South Carolina), a few fight bookings for UFC 217 and more.

Chris hit on the following topics at the following times:

43-minute mark – Luke Del Rio
45:00 – Antonio Callaway
48:00 – Jordan Scarlett
50:00 – Marcell Harris
55:00 – Jordan Sherit


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