FA moves alter future odds

The Philadelphia 76ers inked veteran J.J. Redick to a one-year, $23 million contract.

Published on Wednesday, 7/5/17, at 12:16 p.m. Eastern.

Before we list the updated odds to win the 2018 NBA title, let’s go over a few of the notable trades and free-agent moves that have gone down over the last week.

Kevin Durant: Stays with Golden St. (on the cheap) — two years & $53 million. Durant plays team ball here for Steph Curry to get his supermax deal and to free up cash to keep Andre Iguodala.

Steph Curry: Stays with Golden St. — 5 years & $210 million.

Paul George: Traded to OKC from Indiana — Pacers received Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis in return. This is a rental with George, who has just one year remaining on his contract. Even if George bolts for the Lakers after one season with the Thunder and Russell Westbrook, OKC didn’t give up a ton here. And hey, maybe more moves are on the horizon and there’s always the chance George can be talked into sticking around longer. Most of all, OKC is guaranteed to be in the postseason and a tough out for anybody.

Gordon Hayward: Utah to Boston — 4 years & $128 million. Huge get for the Celtics; crushing loss for the Jazz. Brad Stevens reunites with his best player from his years at Butler.

Chris Paul: Traded to Houston from L.A. Clippers. Houston gave up Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams, Sam Dekker and a protected first-round pick. Reports have indicated that Paul soured on Doc Rivers because he vetoed a trade that would’ve included his son, Austin Rivers. Paul also wasn’t happy, per reports, that Austin received preferential treatment from Doc.

Blake Griffin: Stays with Clippers — 5 years & $173 million.

Jeff Teague: Indiana to Minnesota — 3 years & $57 million. Teague is an outstanding acquisition for the T-wolves, who have also traded for Jimmy Butler. This duo joins Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins.

J.J. Redick: L.A. Clippers to Philadelphia — 1 year & $23 million. Excellent veteran addition to Philly’s young and talented roster.

Paul Millsap: Atlanta to Denver — 3 years & $90 million. Like Memphis, Atlanta is is tank mode now. The Hawks didn’t even make an offer to Millsap, who chose the Nuggets over the Suns. With its role in the 3-way deal with the Nuggets and Clippers, Atlanta gets another first round pick. The Hawks have five first-rounders in the 2018 & 2019 Drafts.

Danilo Gallinari: Denver to L.A. Clippers via trade – 3 years & $65 million. This nets Jamal Crawford and Diamond Stone for Atlanta, but Crawford doesn’t want to play for the Hawks. He reportedly wants to play for the Lakers or Warriors via trade or after being bought out of his contract.

Andre Iguodala: Stays with Golden St. — 3 years & $48 million. Durant gets the assist here and it’s a big one. Iguodala’s ability to defend the likes of LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, Paul George and other elite scorers is crucial for the Warriors.

Kyle Lowry: Stays with Toronto — 3 years & $100 million.

Zach Randolph: Memphis to Sacramento — 2 years & $24 million. Randolph had his best years with the Grizzlies, who are in total rebuild mode now and could attempt to acquire assets for Randolph’s former partner in the paint, Marc Gasol.

Ricky Rubio: Traded from Minnesota to Utah.

Kyle Korver: Stays in Cleveland — 3 years & $22 million. Cavs keep one of The Association’s top-five pure shooters.

Shaun Livingston: Stays with Golden St. — 3 years & $24 million.

Jrue Holiday: Stays in New Orleans — 5 years & $126 million. This seems like a lot of money for Holiday, but if it keeps Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins happy, then so be it.

Otto Porter: Restricted Free Agent — Porter signed an offer sheet with the Nets for 4 years & $106 million, but the Wizards have been consistent on their plans to match. We’ll know in the next week.

Darren Collison: Sacramento to Indiana — 2 years & $20 million. Collison replaces Jeff Teague at PG.

Serge Ibaka: Stays with Toronto — 3 years & $65 million.

Taj Gibson: OKC to Minnesota – 2 years & $28 million. Good fit here. Veteran defender who is a winner.

Nene: Stays in Houston — 3 years & $10.9 million. Somebody has to play defense on this squad.

Patrick Patterson: Toronto to OKC – 3 years & $16.4 million.

George Hill: Utah to Sacramento – 3 years and $57 million.

Patty Mills: Stays with San Antonio — 4 years & $50 million.

Joe Ingles: Stays with Utah — 4 years & $52 million.

Amir Johnson: Boston to Philadelphia — 1 year & $11 million.

P.J. Tucker: Toronto to Houston — 4 years & $32 million. Holy Head Scratcher! What?! Tucker is 32 and has never averaged in double figures.

Ben McLemore: Sacramento to Memphis — 2 years & $10.7 million. The seventh overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft was a bust for the Kings. He averaged in double figures just once during his four years in Sacramento. His career FG percentage is 41.7 and he’s shot at a 35.2 percent clip from 3-point land.

Jose Calderon: Atlanta to Cleveland — 1 year & $2.3 million. Calderon is a very solid back-up PG and the Cavs get him on the cheap.

These players have been waived: Kelly Olynyk by the Celtics, Rajon Rondo by the Bulls, Leandro Barbosa and Chris Bosh by Miami.

Odds to win the 2018 NBA Finals from BetOnline.ag: 

Warriors -170 (risk $170 to win $100)
Cavs 5/1 (risk $100 to win $500)
Celtics +750 (risk $100 to win $750)
Rockets 10/1
Spurs 10/1
Timberwolves 33/1
Thunder 40/1
Wizards 40/1
Bucks 50/1
Raptors 50/1
Jazz 66/1
Pelicans 66/1
76ers 80/1
Nuggets 100/1
Clippers 100/1
Lakers 100/1
Grizzlies 100/1
Heat 100/1
Magic 100/1
Hornets 125/1
Trail Blazers 125/1
Mavericks 150/1
Pistons 150/1
Knicks 150/1
Hawks 200/1
Pacers 200/1
Bulls 250/1
Suns 500/1
Kings 500/1
Nets 750/1

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