Episode 6. – Beat Down the Odds for UFC 211 featuring Louis Finocchiaro & Chris Harry

We are gearing up for UFC 211 and discussing the NBA Playoffs. Brian took issue with James Harden’s abysmal play in Houston’s crucial Game 5 loss at San Antonio. In the second segment, Brian welcomes MMA guru GambLou to the show. Lou is bullish on Frankie Edgar and several other fights for Saturday night’s card in Dallas. Brian also talks all things Gators with Chris, while Harbo is poised to make his gambling debut for UFC 211.

Here’s the breakdown of Games Galore 6: Brian gets the show started with Harbo in the opening segment, dealing out woodshed treatment to Harden. He also touches on the college-football coaching rankings released by CBSSports.com earlier this week.This segment goes to the 16:12 mark.

All of the convo with GambLou is about betting UFC 211. We discuss this card at length to the 46:30 mark.

Chris, the long-time UF beat writer, joins the show at the 47:15 mark. Chris & Brian talk Gator hoops up to the 78:45 mark.

Despite a multi-million dollar contract, Tennessee head coach Butch Jones has zero clue about when he should go for two.

Finally, Harbo & Brian put a wrap on GG6 with more UFC 211 convo and B.E. gets back to the coaching rankings. He doesn’t hesitate to deal facts to Butch Jones and his “standard two-point chart” that needs to be burned. Mark Richt takes a few body blows as well based on his incomprehensible clock management at the 2012 SEC Championship Game.

Tune in, Turn On and Drop a Bet. Games Galore is just getting started!

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