Marshall Henderson gets revenge on EA

Published on Monday, 4/20/15, at 9:39 p.m. Eastern.

Erin Andrews is pictured here with UF's famed Oh Four recruiting class.

Erin Andrews is pictured here with UF’s famed Oh Four recruiting class.

Marshall Henderson led Ole Miss to a surprising win over Florida in the finals of the 2013 SEC Tournament. If you remember Henderson’s two-year run with the Rebels, you know he was known to get a tad emotional.

Sometimes those emotions and his actions would cause him to go overboard. This would often draw the ire of rival fans.

Erin Andrews, who was a Gator Dazzler during her time at UF in the 1990s, didn’t like Henderson’s theatrics in the Rebs’ win over Florida in Nashville.

During the offseason when Gary Parrish tweeted about Henderson’s suspension stemming from an arrest on drug charges, Andrews decided to offer her two cents.

Henderson had no hesitation about coming back at Andrews with the below tweet.

Henderson is clearly one who believes in the old adage that revenge is a dish best served cold. Here we are nearly two years later and Andrews’ boyfriend of the last two years, Jarret Stoll of the Los Angeles Kings, was arrested this past weekend in Las Vegas. At around 4:30 p.m. Pacific on Friday, Stoll was busted with 3.3 grams of cocaine and more than eight grams of ‘Molly’ while going through security at a pool entrance at the MGM Grand. Henderson seized the opportunity to  get back at EA by sending the below tweet following Stoll’s arrest.

What has been Henderson doing since leaving Oxford? He’s playing hoops in Iraq. That’s right, Baghdad! Marc Speers of Yahoo recently caught up with Henderson about his time playing overseas in the Middle East.

Andrews remains at Fox Sports and is the MC for FOX’s ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ She still looks great in a bikini…


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