Updated NCAA Futures – ‘Cats are -125 ‘chalk’

Published on Wednesday, 1/28/15, at 10:02 a.m. Eastern.

Brian likes the chances of turning a profit by backing Notre Dame with 75/1 odds.

Brian likes the chances of turning a profit by backing Notre Dame with 75/1 odds.

Here are Sportsbook.ag’s updated futures to win the 2015 NCAA Tournament below. Also, the offshore website has a proposition bet for whether or not Kentucky will become the first undefeated team since Bobby Knight’s Indiana Hoosiers went completely unscathed through the 1976 campaign. For ‘yes,’ gamblers can earn a +225 payout (risk $100 to win $225), while ‘no’ backers have to risk a -350 price (risk $350 to win $100).

Kentucky -125
Duke 8/1
Virginia 8/1
Arizona 10/1
Wisconsin 10/1
Gonzaga 12/1
Villanova 25/1
Kansas 30/1
Louisville 30/1
North Carolina 30/1
Utah 50/1
Wichita St. 50/1
Iowa St. 60/1
Texas 60/1
Notre Dame 75/1
Ohio St. 75/1
Oklahoma 75/1
Florida 100/1
Illinois 100/1
Michigan St. 100/1
SMU 100/1
San Diego St. 100/1
Syracuse 100/1
UConn 100/1
VCU 100/1
West Va. 100/1
Field 100/1
Baylor 200/1
Maryland 200/1

Best Value: Butler (not listed above- 1,000/1 at Sportsbook.ag), Notre Dame (75/1), Louisville (30/1) and Oklahoma (75/1). Keep in mind that bettors can profit from a bet like this without Notre Dame (as an example here) actually winning the national title. Once the team you back gets to the Sweet 16, there are options galore to ensure a profit. You can take the next opponent to…

1- Win a specific regional or the nat’l title at big plus odds
2- Win on the money line against your team
3- Cover (if an underdog) against your team

Speaking of the Irish, you can check out my preview of Duke-Notre Dame for tonight (+ Bonus Nuggets) at this link from VegasInsider.com.

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