Trouble can’t you see

Published on Monday, 10/13, at 7:45 p.m. Eastern.

Jameis Winston is in trouble — again.

In other news, today ends in ‘y.’

At some point, maybe Jimbo Fisher needs to pop a little Cat Stevens into the CD player on his way to work?

You would have to be a regular at Cam Newton’s 50/50 optometrist to not see how this program is going to end. Not the Florida St. program as a whole, but this propensity for Winston to stay in trouble as it relates to being an eligible college football player.

Autographs. Crab legs. Criminal accusations. Vulgar language at the Student Union. BB guns.

I have seen your face

And it’s too much, too much for me **lyrics from Trouble by Cat Stevens

On early Monday night, the top three stories at the top of the right rail related to Winston’s woes.

It was all smiles in Tally in 2013, but are things going to end well this year?

It was all smiles in Tally in 2013, but are things going to end well this year?

Ex-Supreme Court judge to be picked. Fisher feels Winston won’t miss time.

Thing is, this is just another day at the office for FSU football, Fisher and Winston.

College students are going to make mistakes. Assuming nobody get injured, incidents with BB guns are forgivable. Bad decisions about language? I still make those regularly.

Stealing crab legs from Publix? I’ll leave that analysis to TNT’s Charles Barkley: “Who the hell goes to Publix to get seafood?”

This Complete Clown Act that is The Jameis Winston Show isn’t going to end well for Florida St. Can’t we all see that at this point?

I’m not saying Winston can’t grow up and be a success and maybe even become a star in the NFL. I’m not even saying taking money for autographs is wrong — it’s WAY past time for these guys to get paid.

But the days of Jameis Winston obeying the rules — and remaining eligible — are long gone. Even if he survives this autograph mess and gets a pass from this Ex-Supreme Court judge, the next incident is just a matter of time.

Winston is going to embarrass FSU again. That much is a given.

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