Missouri is worth a shot at 20/1 odds

Published on Monday, 11/25/13, at 5:50 p.m. Eastern.

By Brian Edwards

Bovada has updated its college football futures and they look like this…

Alabama (even-money ‘chalk’)
FSU 7/5 (risk $100 to win $140)
Ohio St. 6/1
Auburn 12/1
Missouri 20/1
Oklahoma St. (100/1)

I say Missouri has the best value. What needs to happen for the Tigers? The only help they need is for Michigan or Michigan St. to beat Ohio St. A loss by FSU would work, too, but the chances of the Seminoles faltering — assuming Jameis Winston remains eligible, of course — at Florida or in the ACC Championship Game are extremely slim.

Now there is the matter of Mizzou taking care of its own business. Gary Pinkel’s team will have to win at home Saturday vs. Texas A&M and Johnny Pigskin. Then the Tigers will have to beat the winner of Auburn-Alabama in Atlanta and then prevail in Pasadena.

But I’m confident Missouri is going to knock off the Aggies in Columbia this weekend. If the Tigers face Auburn at the Ga. Dome, I’m confident they’ll win that game. If the opponent is Alabama, I think Missouri has a solid chance.

What do you need to beat Nick Saban’s powerhouse program? For starters, you need a quarterback that can make plays even if the Crimson Tide has the perfect defensive play called. James Franklin’s scrambling ability gives Mizzou that opportunity.

You need an offense with balance, too. And the Tigers have three outstanding running backs, three terrific wide receivers and two QBs they can win with. (If the Mizzou-Bama matchup materializes, I think Vinnie Sunseri’s absence could be huge.)

The reality is that Missouri’s team doesn’t have any weaknesses. With the exception of the last 12 minutes of a home game vs. South Carolina, Missouri has dominated all 11 of its opponents this year.

The basis of this bet is this: Do you think Michigan St. will beat Ohio St., and do you think Missouri can beat Alabama in Atlanta and FSU in Pasadena?

I do think Michigan St. is going to beat Ohio St. and I like Mizzou’s chances against anybody at any venue. That’s why I think Missouri at 20/1 odds is worth a small wager.

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