NFL Power Rankings – Week 5

Published on Wednesday, 10/2/13, at 11:10 a.m. Eastern.

By Brian Edwards

1-Seahawks — Great comeback win at Houston.
2-Broncos — Dealing out nothing but pimpslaps, but are they peaking too early?
3-Saints — They’re back — no doubt about it.
4-Patriots — Most impressive win at Atlanta, WRs making strides.
5-49ers — Rams are what they needed to get right.
6-Packers — Must-win situation vs. hot Detroit squad at Lambeau.
7-Chiefs — I see you, Dexter McCluster.
8-Colts — Another chance to shock an NFC West team when Seattle comes to Indy.
9-Lions — They needed a RB & have one now with Reggie Bush.
10-Bears — Cutler does that sometimes. Still, you always have a chance with him.
11-Bengals –Dalton has to play better.
12-Dolphins — Tough to play at Superdome at night.
13-Chargers — Floyd & Freeney to season-ending IR. Ouch!
14-Falcons — Poised to punish Jets for frustrations of September.
15-Titans – Locker out for a few weeks, but they should be ok w/ Fitzpatrick.
16-Cowgirls — Home/Road dichotomy has been evident through four games.
17-Ravens — Like the trade for Jags OT Eugene Munroe.
18-Texans — Did Matt Schaub really throw that pick-six w/ 7-point lead?
19-Panthers — They have to have this one at Arizona.
20-Browns — Back-to-back victories since Trent Richardson trade.
21-Cardinals — Patrick Peterson is a stud.
22-Bills — Fred Jackson playing better than C.J. Spiller.
23-Jets — Now those are the Jets I’ve been expecting to see all season.
24-Vikings — Something tells me Christian Ponder won’t start many more NFL games.
25-Eagles — Lots of issues with that defense.
26-Redskins –Win over Raiders doesn’t fix much.
27-Steelers — Like I said last week, I don’t see it getting much better.
28-Giants — Another blowout loss…really?
29-Rams — Jeff Fisher didn’t see this coming in Year 2 in St. Louis.
30-Buccaneers — Schiano has to be in big trouble at this point.
31-Raiders  — Put in Matt McGloin!
32-Jaguars — They’ve lost 18 of 20 games since I wrote this.

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