Perfect Place: Tebow signs with Patriots

Published on Monday, 6/10/13, at 5:50 p.m. Eastern.

By Brian Edwards

Tim Tebow has a new home, a new job and yes, of course, it’s in the National Football League.

Despite moronic reports in recent weeks that Tebow’s days in the NFL were numbered, New England signed the quarterback Monday and he’s expected to report to mini-camp tomorrow.

As I’ve suggested many times over the last year, this is the perfect place for Tebow. There won’t be a circus-like atmosphere around Tebow because nobody in Boston wants him to take snaps away from Tom Brady, a three-time Super Bowl winning QB.

Bill Belichick has always found creative ways to use a football player’s talents to help the team. He often played wide receiver Troy Brown as a cornerback in the Patriots’ dime packages. He used Mike Vrabel on both sides of the ball and he currently uses Julian Edelman on offense, defense and special teams.

Tebow will have time to develop his skills as a QB over the next few years and Belichick will probably find a few ways to use him at other positions. This move also reunites Tebow with Josh McDaniels, the Pats’ offensive coordinator who drafted him in the first round when he was head coach at Denver.

And if Brady gets hurt, the Patriots will have a third-string QB who took a garbage 1-4 Denver team to the AFC semifinals in his only lengthy stint as a starting QB.

Tebow embodies everything Belichick wants in a player for the Patriots.

Winner? Check, he won two national titles at Florida and owns a 9-7 record in 16 career NFL starts.

Leader? One of the best to ever live.

Team Player? Absolutely.

Hard Worker? Every minute of every day.

The Jets was the worst situation for Tebow, but the Pats is the ideal scenario for him.

In New England, the media frenzy will be nothing like it was in New York. Belichick won’t have it.

Tebow will be around some of his best friends in Aaron Hernandez, Brandon Spikes and Jermaine Cunningham. He undoubtedly has a coach in McDaniels that believes him.

His career, for now and into the future, looks bright. Tim Tebow is a football player and Belichick will make this work.

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