James Phillip Rome obliterates Oscar Liar

After skipping the Jags’ team flight home, Oscar donned a pink Ohio St. pullover to take pictures during a Friday night out on the town.

Published on Wednesday, 10/6/21, at 7:00 a.m. Eastern.

Folks, I’m about to link you to what I call a Fact Session.

Like I’ve been doing for more than a decade and change, Jim Rome decided Tuesday that it was time to issue Oscar Liar a verbal tongue lashing of epic proportions.

You see, Oscar had the audacity to skip the Jags’ plane ride back home after a 24-21 loss at Cincinnati that he dubbed as “devastating [and] heartbreaking” at Thursday’s postgame presser.

The defeat dropped Meyer’s record to 0-4 as an NFL head coach. His tenure in Jacksonville has been an unmitigated disaster from the start and it’s going to stay that way until the finish (which could be any minute now).

So what did Oscar do in the wake of his heartbreak and devastation? After bailing on his team — “to see the grandkids” — that has lost 19 consecutive games and checked out on him before the season even started because he’s such a Drama Queen D-Bag, he decided it would be a good idea to put on a pink Ohio St. pullover (don’t even get me started on that Friday night choice of attire) and put on his pathetic pouty face and drink some cold ones.

Meanwhile, his wife Shelley posted pictures of herself babysitting on her since-deleted Twitter account with a remark that went something like this, “my choice being home while ‘buddy’ enjoys a well deserved night out.”

As it turns out, Shellzzz, your buddy Oscar damn sure was enjoying his night out. While a young lady in her early 20s was grinding on your husband (the same one you’ve defended from all of the vitriol from his critics that have accurately dubbed him as the Scumbag that he’s always been), ESPN described holier-than-thou Oscar as “touching a woman’s bottom” in a second video that emerged an hour after his Monday presser.

Yes, that presser in which he attempted to lie his way out of this mess AND incomprehensibly mentioned rookie QB Trevor Lawrence’s bachelor party in Vegas. You know, that presser which closely resembled all of his media scrums at Ohio St. about the wife beater that he enabled for a decade “out of loyalty to his idol Earle Bruce.”

Oscar always thinks he’s the smartest person in the room. He thinks that since he’s won a bunch of games and championships at the collegiate level, he can simply lie and con his way out of anything. Oscar’s explanation of Friday night was that “people were trying to drag him out on the dance floor.”

That’s an explanation straight out of Delusionville that Ohio St. boosters would buy hook, line and sinker. Reality?

Brian wants to tell all of his fellow Gators that have been saying “Urban belongs in the Ring of Honor” what he’s been saying since he first heard that atrocious idea: Just sit down and Shut The Fuck Up!

Well, the reality of Friday’s debacle is that Oscar was using his hand or a few of his digits on his right hand to arouse the young lady dancing with her “bottom” between Oscar’s legs (in public while it was being recorded). The only other explanation is that he was using his hand to try to get control of or block his wood from such firm contact with that young lady’s ‘bottom.’ Either way, Oscar is screwed.

In just a small sample of the Grass Licks and Sod Snuggles that Rome delivered to Meyer, Rome said (at around the 6:50 mark), “How insanely delusional and arrogant and ignorant and out of touch do you have to be to think that you can just bluff and lie your way out of this? Did you really think that there would not be another video in this day and age?”

Rome later added, “Keep Trevor Lawrence’s name out your mouth. This is not about Trevor Lawrence, it’s about you, Urb. And if I’m Trevor Lawrence, I’d be pissed. How pissed would you be if your Lawrence? And how little do you think that every single guy in that locker room must think of Urb for name checking the most important person in the organization in order to cover his own ass when that person had absolutely nothing to do with the horrible decision-making that the old man himself made?”

Without further explanation, here’s the aforementioned Fact Session to Oscar from Rome. It’s 13 minutes of Greatness.

P.S.: To all of you IDIOT Gator fans that have been saying for years that “Urban deserves to be in the Ring of Honor,” I’ve been telling you what a moronic and unfathmoable idea that is and always has been! It’s an absolute disgrace that he was invited and actually stepped foot in The Swamp for the opener a month ago.

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