G-Galore 57: UFC 231, OSCAR!!! WTF, Kirby ‘Not Very’ Smart?

Brian welcomes featured guest GambLou (of GambLou.com and twitter handle: @GambLou) in Segment 1 and they break down Saturday’s stacked UFC 231 card for the show’s first 30 minutes. B.E. comes out strong in Segment 2, laying waste to Kirby Smart’s unfathomably disastrous decision to fake a punt at midfield on 4th and 11 in a tie game with three minutes left. Next, you know who’s next! OSCAR! Who knew this was going┬áto happen? Oh, that’s right, we did as we’ve discussed it on basically every GG pod all fall about how I slapped ‘The GUARANTEE’ on him quitting on the F-eyes. We also hit on a few bowl games, some college basketball futures, as B.E. likes The ‘Cuse at 50/1 odds. This and much more in Games Galore 57. We hope you enjoy!

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