Jabar Gaffney did what to Lito Sheppard’s car?!

Former Gator Jabar Gaffney was looking rough in this 2016 mugshot following his arrest on weed charges.

Published on Friday, 6/22/18, at 7:05 p.m. Eastern.

Jabar Gaffney and Lito Sheppard are a pair of Gator greats. Gaffney remains second on Florida’s all-time list of receiving yards with 2,375 for his career. Both men played together at both UF and Jacksonville Raines High School.

Nevertheless, Gaffney and his long-time girlfriend allegedly vandalized Sheppard’s car in Jacksonville while Lito was eating at a restaurant Monday night.

Sheppard realized there was damage driving home, so he turned around and went back to the restaurant (Pier Cantina in Jax Beach). The restaurant allowed him to view surveillance footage of the parking lot and Sheppard identified the culprits as Gaffney and his girlfriend.

Sheppard told the police that he and Gaffney have had an ongoing feud dating back to 2012.

According to the police report, “Gaffney retrieved some type of tool and a container from the suspect’s vehicle, walked over to the passenger’s side of the victim’s vehicle near the gas tank, and pried it open. Gaffney then poured an unknown substance from the container into the gas tank … The unknown female walked around the vehicle and stabbed all of the tires with a sharp object.”

Sheppard claims Gaffney and his girl caused $14,000 worth of damage to his vehicle. The first-round pick in the 2002 NFL Draft, Sheppard made a pair of Pro Bowls during a career that ended in 2011.

Gaffney, a second-round selection in 2002, played for seven teams during an 11-year NFL career. He ran into trouble during his college days when he stole money out of a locker at the UF facility. Gaffney remained on scholarship but was basically suspended for one season.

Gaffney was arrested in 2017 on a battery charge and in ’16 he was booked on marijuana charges. The incident happened on Monday and Gaffney apparently hasn’t been arrested yet.

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