48 Hours to air 1-hour special on Aaron Hernandez

Is it possible that there are more layers to the Aaron Hernandez story? We’ll find out Saturday’s on a 48 Hours special on the former tight end for the Florida Gators and the New England Patriots.

Published on Thursday, 1/18/18, at 6:50 p.m. Eastern.

“48 Hours,” the CBS fixture on Saturday nights, will air a one-hour special this weekend on the late Aaron Hernandez.

The show will feature James Patterson as the narrator. Patterson is the acclaimed American author who is estimated to have earned around $700 million in his stories career. Patterson’s latest book is “All-American Murder,” which chronicles the rise and fall of Hernandez.

Urban Meyer, Hernandez’s coach at the University of Florida (before he quit like a chump scrub — twice!), has only spoken on the record about his former tight end once, doing so on HBO’s Real Sports. The current head coach at Ohio St. grants an interview in this special documentary.

You can check out a teaser/trailer (whatever you want to call it) from CBS News here.

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