Games Galore 16: CFB convo with’s Brad Powers + SEC Hot Seats

The Games Galore podcast returned Tuesday with featured guest Brad Powers of Brad and Brian used the first 20 minutes of the show to hit on the breakout performances of Oklahoma State and Mississippi State, the SEC coaches on the hot seat and much more.


2:22: Brad’s take on Oklahoma St.

3:00: Brad’s thoughts on TCU at Oklahoma St.

5:00: Brad likes Georgia vs. Mississippi St. and leans ‘under.’

6:15: Brad hits on Vanderbilt.

9:00: Brad’s thoughts on San Diego St.’s hot start and head coach Rocky Long.

18:00: Brad thinks the jury is still out on USC.

22:00: Brian likes the idea of Jeff Brohm at Florida as a future head coach.

23:00: Brian says that only six SEC schools are happy with their current head coaches.

24:00: Brian discusses the incompetence of Butch Jones.

28:45: Brian breaks down the final minute of UF’s win over UT.

32:00: Brian states the obvious — Gator fans like first downs & TDs.

33:40: What school is Brian’s cousin — Dallas Southlake Carroll LB/FB Jacob Doddridge — visiting this weekend during the Dragons’ open date?

34:00: Brian touches on Nebraska, Tanner Lee & Mike Riley’s future.

36:30: Brian gets back to UF-UT, Franks’s pass to Tyrie Cleveland & lights into Butch Jones.

38:45: Brian talks about UK’s huge win at South Carolina.

50:30: What the hell is wrong with Stanford?

55:00: If UK upsets Florida for the first time in more than a quarter-century, Jim Rode will be the happiest ‘person’ on earth.

58:40: Ah, one of Brian’s favorite topics — The Jag-offs. They can’t stand prosperity or just can’t win back-to-back games – or something like that.

1:06:00 (1-hour & 6-minutes) – Mother Nature has us not knowing much about FSU & Miami going into late September.

1:09:00: (1-hour-9-minute mark) Brian explains what it’s like to be in ‘Zook Mode.’

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