Happy 40th to ‘White Chocolate’

jason-williams-1Published on Wednesday, 11/18/15, at 3:06 p.m. Eastern.

With the possible exception of ‘Pistol’ Pete Maravich, Jason Williams displayed the most dynamic and explosive dribbling and passing skills of any player in NBA history. Watching his highlight packages never get old.

Hell, we even posted a set of highlights from some summer league in Orlando 13 months ago.

If you ever want to watch one player absolutely dominate a basketball game by himself, check out this performance at Rupp Arena by Williams. Actually, you’d probably prefer to simply view this collection of his highlights from that UF win over UK, the eventual national champs.

Williams would test positive for weed and get booted from Billy Donovan’s program shortly after this game, but that only adds to his legend because the Gators would go 1-7 without him. In fact, UK smashed UF by 25 points at The O-Dome after Williams’s dismissal. In other words, Williams went on the road with a group of players that lost seven of eight games without him and led them to a win over the best team in the nation.

In honor of J-Dubb’s 40th birthday today, here’s a collection of his Top 10 plays.

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