NAC suspends Anderson Silva for one year

Published on Thursday, 8/13/15, at 7:47 p.m. Eastern.

Following an incredibly bazarre hearing Thursday in Las Vegas, the Nevada Athletic Commission announced a one-year suspension for Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva. The suspension is retroactive to his fight against Nick Diaz this past January 31 at UFC 183.

Therefore, Silva will be eligible to return to the Octagon in February of 2016.

Also, his unanimous-decision win over Diaz has been changed to a no-contest.

Silva would have been better off by not even attempting to present a defense at the hearing. Instead, he was left looking like a fool and a cheater.

His lawyer came off as completely incompetent. At one point, Silva pleaded the fifth when asked about a ‘blue vial.’ Moments later, his manager Ed Soares implied that he did no such thing, claiming his statement wasn’t translated from Portugese to English properly.

The basis of the defense was that Silva used a ‘sexual supplement’ that contained the banned substances. He claimed he had no knowledge of the sexual supplement containing the two anabolic steroids he twice tested positive for.

When asked about where the sexual substances were acquired, the defense said they came from Thailand. Then when quizzed about why he would get it from there rather than in America or Brazil, Silva said that was his business.

Yes, it was an utter shit-show from start to finish.

For good measure, Silva was issued fines to the tune of 380 large.

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