Seattle favored to win Super Bowl 50

Published on Tuesday, 2/3/15, at 1:20 p.m. Eastern. 

Odds to win Super Bowl 50 courtesy of Game to be played in Santa Clara, where the 49ers hope to become the first team to play at home in the Super Bowl.

Seattle 6/1
New England 7/1
Green Bay +750
Denver 10/1
Indianapolis 12/1
Dallas 15/1
Philadelphia 25/1
Pittsburgh 28/1
Baltimore 30/1
Detroit 30/1
New Orleans 30/1
Cincinnati 35/1
San Francisco 35/1
Arizona 40/1
Carolina 40/1
Atlanta 40/1
Houston 40/1
Kansas City 40/1
Miami 40/1
New York Giants 40/1
San Diego 40/1
St. Louis 40/1
Buffalo 60/1
Chicago 60/1
Minnesota 60/1
Cleveland 70/1
New York Jets 125/1
Washington 125/1
Tampa Bay 200/1
Jacksonville 300/1
Oakland 300/1
Tennessee 300/1

–Matt Youmans of the Las Vegas Review-Journal has all you need to know about how the books came out on Super Bowl XLIX. In short, the Nevada Gaming Control Board reported a handle of $116 million, the second-most ever wagered on a Super Bowl. Every teaser was a winner all four ways. Tom Brady’s prop bets ‘over’ were all winners. The books were hurt by New England winning, the teasers and popular Patriot-over parlays, but they came out ok thanks to winning overall on the props.

–For the third time, I nailed the first player to score a TD with Brandon LaFell, who was as low as 10/1 and as high as 16/1 at some spots. I also hit Devin Hester (25/1 Bears-Colts) and Anquan Boldin (12/1 49ers-Ravens in the past). My pick of the Pats to win by a 27-23 count (published in the Review-Journal and at The Linemakers) just missed the 28-24 score. The only previous time I’ve correctly called the Super Bowl score was in Pittsburgh’s win over Arizona several years ago.

–Welcome to the offseason, folks. Time to turn to hoops and on that note, CHEERS to Bill Raftery, who belatedly has been given his first Final Four assignment at the age of 71. Raftery will join Grant Hill alongside Jim Nantz. Raftery and Hill will replace Greg Anthony, who had a bad month along with Warren Sapp.

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