Jurich takes the bait, hires Petrino again

Published on Thursday, 1/9/14, at 12:55 a.m. Eastern.

By Brian Edwards

A wise lady once told me, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

Fool me countless times? Call me Tom Jurich.

When Charlie Strong left to take the Texas job earlier this week, Louisville AD Tom Jurich stated the goal of his next coaching search: “I want to find the best coach, period.”

Consider that goal accomplished. Jurich hired Bobby Petrino on Wednesday.

Jurich is considered one of the nation’s top ADs for all of the right reasons. He can take credit for brilliant hires like Rick Pitino, Petrino the first time around and Charlie Strong.

Jurich stuck by ‘Quickie Ricky’ during his affair saga that involved the FBI, a soap-opera trial and prison time for the accused. Pitino awarded him with a national title.

I believe in second chances. Hell, I believe in third chances, maybe more in some circumstances. We all make mistakes.

But when we get in bed with fleas, we all get bitten, too.

I said the same thing the night I was in West Palm Beach and found out my Falcons had hired the biggest whore in the coaching profession. We’ll never know how Petrino’s time in Atlanta would’ve gone if Michael Vick had not been arrested and sent to prison.

What we do know is that Petrino walked out like a coward less than 24 hours after his owner went on national television during Monday Night Football and harped on the team’s bright future under Petrino’s leadership. Less than three hours earlier, Petrino had assured Arthur Blank that the rumors of his exit for the University of Arkansas were 100 percent false.

Petrino lied to Blank. Petrino has lied to Arkansas AD Jeff Long. And Lord knows, he’s sure as hell lied to his wife. It’s not a matter of if he’s lied to Jurich, it’s how many times.

Six? Eight? There was the flirting with the Raiders, Auburn, LSU, Notre Dame and Ole Miss during his tenure at U of L. And there was whatever he said to Jurich in the last 48 hours.

The dude didn’t have the balls to face his players or his assistants in Atlanta. Ask Cincinnati defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer about Petrino. That’ll go real well.

How about Tubs? Would love to have a beer with Tommy T and get his thoughts on BP.

Louisville is headed into the ACC. It just lost a great coach in Strong. This was an important hire, no doubt about it. Jurich got a coach that went 41-9 in four previous seasons at the school. Jurich got exactly what he wanted — the best coach out there, period.

He also got back in bed with the biggest whore in coaching. And you’re too smart to make a dumb move like this, Tom.

Like I told an Arkansas friend the day he was hired, “He’s a helluva coach, but a total scumbag. It won’t end well.”

I repeat, “this won’t end well.” Not for Jurich. Not for Louisville.

That’s just how BP rolls.

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