NFL Power Rankings — Week 2

Published on Tuesday, 9/10/13, at 4:25 p.m. Eastern.

By Brian Edwards

1-49ers — Kaepernick is nasty as he wants to be
2-Broncos — Really not this high on Denver, but most deserving of No. 2 this week
3-Seahawks — Great defensive effort at Carolina
4-Packers –No shame in loss at San Fran
5-Texans — Great comeback win at San Diego
6-Patriots — Way too many mistakes in shaky win at Buffalo
7-Saints — That’s an elite offense the Saints held to 17 points
8-Falcons — No shame in losing to Brees & Payton in N’awlins
9-Eagles — Vick-McCoy-Jackson trio looks incredible in Chip Kelly’s offense
10-Bears — Very solid season-opening win over Bengals
11-Bengals — Dalton can’t throw 2 picks on the road
12-Cowgirls — Props to Romo for playing effectively through pain
13-Giants — Looked like the Gators w/ all those inexplicable turnovers
14-Ravens — Baltimore beat itself, then Manning made it ugly
15-Panthers — Not a great debut for new offensive coordinator Mike Shula
16-Lions — So that’s how dynamic the Lions can be w/ a quality RB
17-Steelers — What the hell was that? Yikes
18-Chiefs — Solid debut for Reid/Smith, BUT it was the Jags
19-Colts — Not a good sign for a defense when it struggles to stop Terrelle Pryor
20-Titans — Excellent win, but the offense still has a long way to go
21-Chargers — Crushing Week 1 loss after Rivers played so well early
22-Redskins — At least they battled back, but that’s the only positive
23-Rams — Not sure how to react to comeback win over Arizona
24-Dolphins — Mike Wallace gets paid, then sulks after victory (not good)
25-Cardinals — Can’t let that one slip away
26-Vikings — This organization continues to waste AD’s prime w/ horrible QB play
27-Bills — Decent debut for E.J., but you have to take a game that’s handed to you
28-Jets — Well, they aren’t going to go 0-16 this year
29-Buccaneers — Not sure why I don’t have them at No. 31
30-Raiders — Pryor was MUCH better than I thought & McFadden still healthy (good things)
31-Browns — Shouldn’t lose at home to ‘Fins by double digits, can’t win w/ 3 int’s
32-Jaguars — They really went into another season w/ Gabbert as starting QB? (funny!)

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