Delusional A-Roids poised to finally get his medicine

Published on Saturday, 8/3/13, at 2:55 p.m. Eastern.

By Brian Edwards

Alex Rodriguez revealed his true character nearly 12.5 years ago when he left a winning Seattle franchise, one that had just taken the Yankees to six games in the ALCS, to sign with a losing Texas team for more than a quarter-billion dollars.

To anyone with a brain, it was clear that money meant more to A-Rod than winning. With the Rangers paying his contract, they had no cash to spend on pitchers or other hitters or anything to build a squad to compete in the AL West.

A-Rod knew that when he signed on the dotted line. He wanted cash galore and if it meant playing on a team that would lose 100 games on a regular basis, well, he didn’t give a shit.

Before A-Rod fans (do they still exist?!) rush to his defense, let’s be clear that he had offers well north of $100 million when he chose the Rangers. Therefore, it wasn’t as if A-Rod was deciding between the slums or the suburbs.

In order to produce the numbers to match the dollars he was making, A-Rod became A-Roids. In reality, he was probably using in Seattle but we know he was on the juice during his three-year tenure with the Rangers when he blasted 156 homers.

Out of loyalty to Rangers owner Tom Hicks, who made A-Roids the highest-paid player in sports history, A-Roids demanded a trade after a third consecutive last-place finish. Not only that, but this loser insisted that he would only go the Yankees or the Red Sox, the two best teams in Major League Baseball at the time. (Hey, if I can’t beat ’em, I’ll just go join ’em, right?)

Before the arrival of A-Roids, the Yankees had won four World Series titles from 1996-2000. With A-Roids on the roster, the Bronx Bombers are 1-for-9 in terms of winning Fall Classics.

Before this latest Biogenesis scandal, A-Roids was linked to PEDs several different times. He’s been lying for more than a decade — to his former wife (while they were married), to the Yankees, to MLB, to Bud Selig and to anyone that’s listened to anything that’s come out of his mouth.

Last night in Trenton, he made one last pathetic stand in front of a horde of media members. And guess what? He told more lies — lots of ’em.

It was pure comedy. A-Roids’ body language told us this: I know it’s over for me, I know I’m busted but I want my cash from the Yankees and I’m going to fight to get it.

Once again for A-Roids, it was all about the cash.

He talked about playing five more years when it’s clear his drug-infested body might not last five more weeks. He accused the Yankees of working with MLB in an attempt to get him banned for life so they don’t have to pay the $95 million remaining on his insane contract.

If his thought process was to earn sympathy from the public, it was another epic failure. The walls are closing in on A-Roids, as he reportedly faces a Sunday deadline to inform MLB whether or not he will accept a suspension that will last through the end of the 2014 campaign.

According to multiple reports, he’ll face a lifetime ban if he opts to appeal. When asked last night about this Sunday deadline, A-Roids acted as if he didn’t know it existed. He talked about joining his “teammates” in Chicago on Monday.

To the end, this d-bag still thinks he has all the answers. In reality, he spent last night in Trenton at the Delusionville Hotel.

The medicine this guy has been taking for years has helped him hit 647 career HRs. But none of those dingers are going to help prevent the prescription of medicine that’s about to be written to him from MLB on Monday.

The game is over, A-Roids. Just go away, you cheese-dick clown.

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