Oscar Wiener is a punk, but he’s not to blame for Hernandez

Published on Saturday, 7/6/13, at 3:59 p.m. Eastern.

By Brian Edwards

Urban Meyer, otherwise known as Oscar Wiener in this space, has been making a lot of news lately. None of it has had anything to do with his Ohio State Buckeyes.

As the Aaron Hernandez Saga has played out since mid-June, Oscar has remained silent on the topic. Hernandez, jailed and awaiting trial for the first-degree murder of Odin Lloyd, played for Meyer at Florida for three seasons. Hernandez is also facing civil charges in Florida for allegedly shooting a man in the face.

Furthermore, Hernandez is a potential suspect in a 2012 double homicide in the Boston area. Also, according to recent reports from ESPN’s Outside the Lines, he ‘lawyered up’ when Gainesville detectives wanted to question him about a double shooting in 2007. And finally, Hernandez slugged a man so hard when he was a 17-year-old freshman that the target suffered a burst eardrum.

Amid an avalanche of criticism, Oscar finally addressed the situation in a text message to Pat Dooley of the Gainesville Sun today.

“I just received an email from a friend where there is an accusation of multiple failed drug tests covered up by the Univ. of Florida or the coaching staff,” Meyer wrote. “This is absolutely not true. Hernandez was held to the same drug testing policy as every other player.

“He was an athlete at Florida 4-to-7 years ago and there are some comments being made that are not correct. Our staff, myself and our families worked very hard to mentor and guide him. Prayers and thoughts are with the family and friends of the victim. Relating or blaming these serious charges to Univ. of Florida, myself or our staff is wrong and irresponsible.”

I don’t have a problem with Oscar on this one. (My problems with him, especially his childish and deplorable handling of turning the Gators in for a non-violation of NCAA rules recently, is a story for another day.) It’s easy for the media to throw stones at UF, Oscar, Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft, the New England Patriots and the NFL in regards to Hernandez.

But it’s also a total joke. It’s laughable and ignorant for anyone to point a finger at anyone not named Aaron Hernandez. He is a grown man and he alone is the one responsible for his (alleged) incomprehensible actions.

If a dumbass like Hernandez with millions in the bank and the world at his fingertips wants to throw it all away, then in the words of the great Greg Allman, that’s his Cross to Bear.

No one else, not even Oscar, should carry the burden for what went wrong in the life of the disgraced Aaron Hernandez.

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