K-Webb dodges elimination in Splash

Published on Thursday, 4/11/13, at 3:15 p.m. Eastern.

By Brian Edwards

Along with Brent Musburger and the rest of America, we became a big fan of Katherine Webb during the second half of Alabama’s beatdown of Notre Dame in the BCS Championship Game earlier this year.

When K-Webb had Brent’s back amid an avalanche of moronic criticism aimed at the iconic broadcaster, we grew more fond of Miss Alabama 2012.

She is drop-dead gorgeous, sweet, classy and fun. All of those traits have been on display during ABC’s new show, Splash.

Webb has been a part of a group of competitors that include Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Brandi Chastain, Kendra Wilkinson, Drake Bell and Rory Bushfield.

On Tuesday, she barely dodged elimination but advanced to the final six nonetheless.

K-Webb has been showing that she’s not scared, too. Her last two dives have been extremely dangerous.

Two weeks ago, she allowed Bell to lift her up on his shoulders as they executed a combo dive from 10 meters that’s called a javelin.

One judge rewarded the partners with a score of 10.

This week K-Webb did the dive that Greg Louganis was doing when he hit his head on the board during the 1988 Olympics.  The judges lauded her courage but took away points for over-rotating before she entered the water.

One judge said it resulted in a ‘rump entry’ and Webb agreed by saying, “trust me, I’m feeling that right now.”

So fellas, for at least one more week, K-Webb is competing in Splash. Set the DVR for eight o’clock Eastern on ABC this Tuesday.

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