UTEP should wake up and send Floyd packing

Published on Wednesday, 3/5/13, at noon Eastern.

By Brian Edwards

Where the hell do I even start with this Tim Floyd thing?

If you missed it, reports circulated Tuesday that Southern Cal AD Pat Haden recently interviewed UTEP’s Floyd for the school’s vacant head-coaching gig. Again, where do we even start with this?!

Let’s begin with the Haden angle and how utterly ridiculous this makes him look. Haden was brought in as AD for his alma mater because he supposedly had a pristine image and was interested in cleaning up an athletics program that had just been hammered with sanctions by the NCAA.

With that in mind, Haden just interviewed the former basketball coach who was fired (forced resignation, call it what you want) for the NCAA’s interest in his role in the recruitment of O.J. Mayo. In other words, this would be like Georgia looking to bring Jim Harrick back to Athens.

UTEP athletic director Bob Stull confirmed Tuesday that Haden reached out to him six weeks ago about interviewing Floyd and that a meeting indeed took place.

Following the Miners’ 56-54 loss to Memphis last night, Floyd told the media, “They did not offer me a job nor was I looking for a job. We had a great three-hour conversation and that’s all I’m going to say.”

Oh, Timmy! We thought you were going to give us so much more.

Where is Haden’s logic on this? To even interview Floyd, especially during UTEP’s season, is a shameful act.

And if you aren’t genuinely interested in hiring him, why on earth do you talk to him? And if you hire him, aren’t you inviting extra attention from the NCAA, if not downright taunting the organization? I thought Haden was hired to do the exact opposite?

Look, I have zero sympathy for UTEP. Like Arkansas with Bobby Petrino, Stull got the school in bed with a scumbag and anyone with a brain knew it wasn’t going to end well.

Floyd has proven he has no loyalty to UTEP, which gave him a job when it seemed as if he might never be able to get back into coaching.

However, Stull can do himself a favor and save a little bit of face. He can take a page out of Boston College’s book and ‘Jagodzinski’ Floyd’s ass with a pink slip today.

What are you waiting on, Bob Stull?!

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